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plant safety
machine safety
IT infrastructure
operations technology
Internet of Things
manufacturing growth
June 28, 2017
Lee Lane. Rockwell Automation

As organizations implement connected, information-enabled architectures to improve productivity, efficiency and safety that means industrial se

plant safety
June 21, 2017
Bill Stone, Rockwell Automation, Area Manager, Safety, Industrial Controls

From a purely functional point of view the more efficiently a machine performs its task of processing material then the better it is.  But, in order for a machine to be viable it must also be safe.  Safety therefore must be regarded as a crucial component of machine design and considere

machine safety
plant safety
industrial control systems
best practices
codes and standards
June 1, 2017
Gregory Hale, ISSSource

Industrial control systems (ICS), much to the industry’s chagrin, are not immune to data breaches, ransomware attacks, viruses, malware, insid

Plant Engineering
maintenance and management
plant safety
worker safety
reactive maintenance
corrective maintenance
process management
technical model
capabilities engine
mindsets and behaviors
June 1, 2017
Stuart Grant, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive global economy, companies are under tremendous pressure to function at the peak of performance,