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plant safety
June 21, 2017
Bill Stone, Rockwell Automation, Area Manager, Safety, Industrial Controls

From a purely functional point of view the more efficiently a machine performs its task of processing material then the better it is.  But, in order for a machine to be viable it must also be safe.  Safety therefore must be regarded as a crucial component of machine design and considere

Control Engineering
discrete sensors
process sensors
machine control
pressure sensors
machine level
process control
June 16, 2017
Frank Lamb, Automation Primer

Most engineers who specify equipment think of sensors as discrete or analog devices, proxies or photoelectrics, flow or pressure sensors, thermocouples an

June 14, 2017
John Kinsey, Industrial Control, Safety and Sensor Specialist

Once you have invested in safety controls for machines and conveying systems, you may wonder if there is any reason to upgrade or change it down the road – does safety technology change too?  The answer is yes, and the new Guardmaster Lifeline 5 safety switch that Rockwell just released is a

Plant Engineering
maintenance and management
plant safety
worker safety
reactive maintenance
corrective maintenance
process management
technical model
capabilities engine
mindsets and behaviors
June 1, 2017
Stuart Grant, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive global economy, companies are under tremendous pressure to function at the peak of performance,

Smart Devices
May 19, 2017
Tony Kaminiski, Industrial Control & Drive Specialist.

How do you “future-proof” your daily plant electrical purchases and exactly what does that mean?

We’ve had discussions here at Rumsey about that phrase and some don’t like it… I mean, “bullet-proof” and “fire-proof” are meant to prevent ‘bad’ things from damaging us...

System Integrators
May 16, 2017
Julia Santogatta & Rockwell Automation

As you are probably well aware, this past weekend provided a sizable scare for corporations and IT departments around the world.

Plant PAx
Rockwell Automation
System Integrators
April 25, 2017
Ed Gallagher, PLC/HMI Software Product Specialist

Where has time gone?  While Rockwell let us know 2 years ago the 5560 processors were entering maturity and the last time buy was coming, June 1, 2017 sure has approached quick.  This upcoming last time buy for the ControlLogix 5560s (L6x processors) might leave you wondering if the 557

Power Management
Uninterruptible Power Supply
April 17, 2017
Daniel McGinn, Guest Blogger from Schneider/APC

Guest Blog from Schneider/APC

Panel Design
April 12, 2017
Donna Wyatt, Industrial Controls Product Specialist

As a machine builder, are Short-Circuit Current Ratings important to me?  What standards to I need to review?  How do I know if I am compliant?

Remote Access
March 27, 2017
Julia Santogatta, Network, Security & Information Solutions Manager

So you have started using the award winning Secure Remote Access product from eWON, the Cosy 131, and now you are wondering what connection package might be right for you?  In this blog, we’ll try to break down the key differences between the