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Did RSLinx or Gateway Product Go Away?

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Did RSLinx or Gateway Product Go Away?

No, no it didn’t, but it may have changed names.  Let us explain…

In March of this year, Rockwell rebranded some of the Linx communication products to more accurately represent the current usage and integration of the products.  Industrial Automation Devices are getting smarter and so is the software that moves that device data.  So, what has become of your favorite Linx product?

A quick summary that might help:

RSLinx Classic – used to provide communications between more mature automation technology platforms like the MicroLogix and SLC families. 

  • Status: NO CHANGE
  • RSLinx Classic is still available in four different editions to best fit your application:
    • RSLinx Classic Lite –  Included at no extra cost with most Rockwell Automation design software so that you can manage and maintain your control system.
    • RSLinx Classic Single Node – Provides both DDE and OPC DA data servers to permit a 32-bit application running on the same PC to interface with a single controller.
    • RSLinx Classic OEM – Same features as Single Node except OEM adds the ability to communicate with more than one controller.
    • RSLinx Classic Gateway – Expands support to 64-bit applications that are running either on the same PC or a remote PC via Ethernet. Gateway can also act as a centralized network connection point for multiple computers running RSLinx Classic to centralize the administration of your network configuration.

RSLinx Enterprise –  Used as a data server for current Rockwell Automaton control hardware.

  • Status: RENAMED
  • Update: FactoryTalk Linx (or FTLinx for short)
  • Reason for update: By incorporating the FactoryTalk brand, the new name more accurately reflects the fact that this is the premier communication service included with the FactoryTalk Portfolio.  With this change comes a new connector that adds OPC UA communications for FactoryTalk Software.  Also, Studio 5000 Version 31.00 now uses FTLinx instead of RSLinx Classic for direct communication with ControlLogix and CompactLogix PACs.

FactoryTalk Gateway –  traditionally used to facilitate 3rd party OPC DA software access.

  • Status: RENAMED
  • Update: FactoryTalk Linx Gateway

  • Reason for the Update: To provide a closer tie to the communications service and new OPC options.  FactoryTalk Linx Gateway now adds the ability to serve data to OPC UA clients as well as continuing to support OPC DA.

Some additional notes –

RSLinx Enterprise, now FactoryTalk Linx, will not have any catalog number changes associated with this rebranding and there is nothing new to buy. Simply update RSLinx Enterprise to FTLinx Version 6.00.

FactoryTalk Gateway, now FactoryTalk Linx Gateway, will have new catalog numbers.  The new list of part numbers is below, and they should be available for purchase in April 2018.  (Existing FactoryTalk Gateway customers with a current TechConnect contract will have access to FT Linx Gateway featues by upgrading to Version 6.00)


This software rebranding and feature enhancements further demonstrate Rockwell Automation’s commitment to helping customers make smart manufacturing work for them, or as Rockwell calls it: Enabling the Connected Enterprise.

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Published April 16, 2018
Steve Huck
Steve Huck is an Automation Specialist responsible for sales and support of Rockwell Automation Programmable Controllers, I/O, Electronic Operator Interface Hardware, Industrial Computers, Asset Management Software, Visualization Software and Information Software for Rumsey in Southern New Jersey.