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Power Supplies – Good, Better, Best

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Power Supplies – Good, Better, Best

When it comes to selecting a power supply for your critical applications, Rockwell has many Switched Mode Power Supply options to consider. Efficiency can impact enclosure sizing, energy cost and reliability due to excess heat. Limited boost capacity can affect performance on stubborn equipment requiring high inrush on startup (ie., electronic contactor coils). And oversized supplies will increase acquisition cost, space required and energy consumption. But to keep things simple, we will review the good, better and best options and ways to keep your power supply running in the case of a failure.

Click the image below to see a video on how to improve productivity and reduce down time with redundancy, buffer, and DC UPS module options :



Good – If you are looking for a down and dirty economical option, the 1606-XLB Series is the Volkswagen Rabbit from your high school years. It is efficient enough to get you from point A to point B. It only comes in two sizes, 5 or 10 amp, but it has a great 92.5 percent efficiency rating. It will get you powered up, but we can do more….

Better – Here is where most power needs lie. The 1606-XLE Series is the Toyota Camry, known for being both dependable and affordable. With 80-960w power output range it is sufficient enough to keep your critical applications running with a high efficiency rating of up to 95 percent! Best part – it has the smallest footprint in the industry making room for your cabinet hogs. Which brings us to….

Best – The 1606-XLS is considered the Performance Series Power Supply. If you are looking for your Lamborghini – this is it! The 1606-XLS is known for being the strongest against the most stubborn loads, offering 80-960 W of power output range, a 150% power boost for up to 5 seconds, a 92-96% efficiency rating, and a life expectancy of 50k hours.

So now that you have selected the right power supply family for your application, how do we ensure it is up and running 24/7? After all, reliable products save downtime costs. To increase reliability, Rockwell offers redundancy, buffer or UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) modules. This small investment is the best way to ensure machine efficiency and productivity in the long run.

If you are looking for the right power supply to meet your application needs, talk to your Rumsey Industrial Control specialist to get you on the right road! 

Published December 11, 2017
Tony Kaminski, Industrial Controls, Sensors & Safety Specialist