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RUMSEY SAFETY LINE CARD - your roadmap to Rumsey's safety products and services


OSHA reports businesses lose over $100 Billion a year from costs associated with injury and lost productivity resulting from unsafe working environments

Electrical hazards hold the highest fatality rate of all workplace injuries and accidents, representing 40 percent of the most-cited OSHA violations in 2013. To ensure safe workplace procedures, employees must understand electrical safety regulations, electrical hazards, personal protective equipment and the proper use of machine safeguarding. 

The ability to interpret industry standards and understand proper application requirements is essential to realizing the benefits of any electrical safety program. Rumsey offers everything needed, from supplies, to services, for successful planning which can reduce electrical accidents, improve power system reliability, and enhance operational efficiency, increasing OSHA compliance and potential insurance discounts.

Safety driven companies are seeing dramatic improvements in their operational performance resulting from decreased injury rates, reduced costs and improved asset uptime 

Best-in-class manufacturers rely on advanced safety technologies and carefully calculated procedures to help maintain high levels of workplace protection, resulting in a more sustainable business environment.

Today, top performing manufacturers worldwide are proving that with contemporary safety automation technology, plant floor safety boosts productivity, and the bottom line.  


Rumsey – one source for the products, services, partners and expertise to support and improve your safety program

Rumsey has assembled the tri-state region’s largest group of experienced and knowledgeable sales professionals, as well as product and technical application specialists, serving the industrial, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), utility and commercial/institutional contractor markets. This, coupled with access to top tier suppliers of safety products and services, allows us to offer our customers the widest array of electrical safety solutions under one roof.

This uniquely positions Rumsey to help you implement your safety programs throughout different phases of the project. We can provide you with a broader perspective when you educate, assess, design, or upgrade elements of your safety program.

Whether you are looking for training, audits, safety gear or need to safeguard your machine and electrical infrastructure, Rumsey has the tools, expertise and products to meet your safety goals.

From education through execution, Rumsey and our network of partners can help at every step of the process to create a safer and more productive working environment

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