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Asset Management

Rumsey Managed Inventory 

Decrease unplanned downtime and inventory costs.  Reduce stock levels - stock outs - redundancies while optimizing your product mix.

Installed Base evaluation

One of the first steps in reducing spare parts costs is through an evaluation of your company's installed base of electrical and electronic equipment and spare inventory. This comprehensive evaluation considers how equipment is used in various applications and environmental conditions and its maintenance history. 

This Installed Base Evaluation Includes:

  • Review / audit of all installed components that could potentially require spares.
  • Factor in existing spares as well as any stash inventory
  • Audit all equipment control panels.
  • Factor in environmental conditions: grounding, wiring, possible corrosive conditions, etc.
  • Performance history and product Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF)

Your Final Analysis Provides:

  • Detailed inventory reports by plant, location, department, line, panel, catalog numbers
  • Identification of critical spares, including excess, insufficient and obsolete spares
  • Spares inventory handling and storage recommendations
  • Summary of your current cost of carrying inventory
  • Recommended replacements for obsolete Rockwell Automation equipment

Parts Management Agreement 

A Parts Management Agreement can improve asset control (by avoiding unnecessary inventory build-up) and cash management (by eliminating large capital expenditures for spare parts, providing a fixed agreement payment schedule, and minimizing carrying costs). Features of a PMA include:

  • Rockwell Automation owned inventory
  • On-Site Inventory Agreement: Rockwell Automation owns, locates and manages the inventory at your site, giving you access 24x7x365 
  • Dedicated to a specific customer (one or multiple facilities) 
  • Fixed monthly/quarterly pricing 
  • Quarterly inventory audits 
  • Rockwell Automation Remanufacturing/Renewal Parts service 
  • Flexibility over time 
  • In-service warranty on managed stock 
  • Extended warranty stock option may be purchased 

Repair/Exchange of Parts


As maintenance and capital investment budgets continue to shrink, many manufacturers recognize the value of repairing existing assets that malfunction or fail. Rockwell Automation offers cost-effective repair services and a network of global repair hubs to help you extend the useful lifecycle of your automation equipment.

More about Rockwell's Repair and Exchange services

Spare Parts analysis

Rumsey can help you determine the correct parts and quantities necessary to support your production equipment by analyzing downtime constraints, criticalness factor, availability and existing spares inventory. By balancing Rockwell and Rumsey inventories against your specific system requirements, we can offer an optimized list of what should be kept onsite.