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Rumsey MODCenter Express will modify your starter on budget, on time, every time! The ModCenter Express service helps contractors and industrial end users meet their project deadline.  With the right inventory on hand our trained team will meet your individualized needs and project deadlines.This service is ideal for customers who need a customized NEMA starters, but can not wait the 2-3 weeks for the item to be custom built and shipped from the factory.

Available modifications: 

• Auxiliary Contact
• Surge Suppressor
• Coil
• Fuse Clips
• Terminal Blocks
• Pilot Lights
• Push-to-test Pilot Lights
• Selector Switches
• Push Buttons
• Transformer - Top
  Mounted Fuse block
• Power Monitor*
• Disconnect Handle

• Auxiliary contact - Disconnect
• E1 Plus Overload Relay
• Circuit Breaker
• Auxiliary Contact -
   Circuit Breaker
• Fuse Cover - Disconnect
• Auxiliary Contact -
    Eutectic Overload
• Relays
• Door Safety Hardware*
• Timing Relay
• Elapsed Time Meter*
• More to Come!

Since its formation, the program has gone beyond NEMA starters to offer custom push button stations and terminal block rail assemblies.  Rumsey plans to continue to expand its customized in house product modification offering while still providing the exceptional quality and service that their customers have come to expect.

The Modcenter Express is located in Rumsey’s Conshohocken Headquarters and gives us the ability to modify basic combination starters by adding field kits in house. The Modcenter team is able to deliver a finished product to the customer within 48 hours; in most cases, next day delivery, depending on location. The end result is a combination starter built to the customer's specifications and delivered in an expeditious fashion!