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Energy Saving

Energy Assessment 

Many companies can reduce energy consumption at their manufacturing facilities when an energy management plan is implemented. An energy plan starts with a Rockwell Automation Energy Assessment. Engineers will objectively examine your plant floor to help develop and implement an individualized plan to reduce energy consumption.

The scope of an energy assessment plan depends on your manufacturing environment and your sustainability goals. An energy assessment will analyze all areas of energy usage at your facility: electricity, gas, water, air and steam. 

To help you recognize energy cost saving opportunities, Rockwell Automation can perform a general energy assessment. By performing this assessment, we can help you create a sustainable plan. If the scope of your needs are more extensive, a comprehensive assessment can be performed to best fit your requirements.

Energy Rebates

Rumsey Electric is a PECO Smart Equipment Incentives Trade Allies.  Trade Allies are contractors, suppliers, energy service companies (ESCOs) or design professionals who have been educated on the program and have agreed to follow the program’s rules and processes. Trade Allies are important outreach partners. We help businesses learn about PECO’s energy efficiency programs and incentives. More about PECO's Rebate Incentives.


 Rumsey is also part of PPL's  E-power Trade Ally Program which connects PPL Electric Utilities customers with contractors, engineers, ESCOs, architects, suppliers, distributors and other trade allies who have been educated on E-power programs, approved through an application process and agree to follow program rules and processes.
Trade allies can assist customers with energy efficiency upgrades and provide support on program applications, including:

  • Understanding requirements for installations
  • Selecting qualifying equipment
  • Completing the application process

More about PPL Rebates and Discounts.

Turnkey lighting supply program

Energy saving and standard lamps, ballasts, lighting fixtures, lenses, lighting controls, and lighting supplies from over 205 lighting manufacturers.

  • Walk through audit and Investment Grade Upgrade audits
  • Current energy cost analysis
  • Maintenance cost review and analysis
  • Energy Efficient Lighting system recommendations and design
  • Assistance for Code Compliance
  • Payback and financial analysis including cost savings
  • Prepare specifications for client approval
  • Rebate Review and Assistance
  • Recycling Program for all removed lamps and ballasts
  • Financing Options
  • Provide all lighting and electrical products for total project
  • New System Installation Options
  • Commissioning, Education and Post Sales Assistance
  • Warranty Coverage on all products

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