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Start leveraging Rumsey’s team of skilled engineers to start reducing your labor and training costs with Rumsey Automation Configuration Express (R.A.C.E.).  This NEW service will help reduce the time it takes to prepare, configure, and test automation systems; freeing up time for your team to focus on higher value activities.

Industrials, OEMs, and System Integrators are under growing pressure to improve quality, speed, and efficiency in order to compete globally. Many have adopted “Lean” manufacturing techniques to improve sales and profits. By evaluating activities where resources do not create maximum value for the business – companies can impact project risk and time lines.  Improve how you do business by transferring the “inefficient” steps in delivering an automation system to Rumsey, allowing you to create a better value for your business.

Rumsey’s skilled R.A.C.E. team will inspect, record, load (firmware, patches, software), configure and test the system components (automation devices and server/PC) and key sub-systems before delivery.   

Let R.A.C.E. reduce your cost to prepare automation hardware for installation of the “application” layer, fabrication, and system test. Contact us today for more information.