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Safety Line Card

Rumsey has assembled the tri-state region’s largest group of experienced and knowledgeable sales professionals, as well as product and technical application specialists, serving the industrial, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), utility and commercial/institutional contractor markets. This, coupled with access to top tier suppliers of safety products and services, allows us to offer our customers the widest array of electrical safety solutions under one roof.

Arc Flash analysis

An Arc Flash Analysis helps identify issues that may lead to an arc flash or blast. An arc flash or blast can release dangerous levels of heat energy, fire, molten materials, vaporized solids that can be inhaled, flying shrapnel and trigger the rapid expansion of air, all capable of causing severe and sometimes fatal injuries. A typical arc flash analysis includes: Electrical Power Systems Analysis, Recommended Arc Flash Safety Training, Short Circuit Current Analysis, Overcurrent Protective Device Coordination Analysis, and Hazard Analysis

Hazard Assessment

Concise report that identifies the location of each observed hazard and provides a rough budgetary estimate for safeguarding.

Lock out/Tag Out

This assessment helps identify lockout/tagout issues that could lead to the unexpected release of hazardous energy during service and maintenance work. The LOTO Assessment includes training and hardware recommendations to improve your LOTO process. Improvements can be realized in risk reduction and overall LOTO time reduction.

Risk Assessment

How safe are your machines? Rockwell can provide a full risk assessment at your facility.

Safety Evaluation

Rumsey can help you avoid safety problems in the workplace and ultimately reduce risk with a Safety Evaluation from Hubbell Wiring. The evaluation is a step-by-step checklist designed to help you enhance safety in the workplace. The Hubbell Safety Evaluation provides key inspection questions to help review the condition of existing wiring devices and identify potential safety hazards. From wet areas, personal protection, and tripping hazards, to temporary power, motor disconnects, and safe repair and maintenance, the Safety Evaluation covers a wide variety of safety issues found in both industrial and commercial working environments. Hubbell offers product solutions for each identified safety hazard as well as any regulations or procedures required by NEC, NEMA or OSHA. 

Safety Circuit Analysis

Helps you meet your safety standards. Rockwell Automation will verify the safety circuit design per the applicable standards specified by you.

Stop Time 

Stop time measurements evaluate compliance of light curtain and area guarding device installations. These services also help to determine ergonomic and operational advantages of safeguarding options.