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On Site Managed Inventory

Companies today are focused on maximizing production and optimizing efficiencies throughout their operations.  Rumsey’s Managed Inventory Program (MIP) keeps operations up and running smoothly by ensuring the right parts at the right time in the right quantities.  MIP can also improve operating efficiencies and lower overall costs by streamlining MRO stocking and procurement processes.  Interested in experiencing bottom line savings?  MIP lowers cost by reducing shipping and acquisition expenses, while improving manpower efficiencies and eliminating costly stock outs.  Rumsey’s MIP Process Includes . . . 

  • Storeroom inventory audit
  • Elimination of duplicated SKUs
  • Inventory reduction
  • Parts identification
  • Storeroom reorganization
  • Identification and disposal of obsolete and excess items
  • Usage / stock analysis
  • Continuous replenishment
  • Procurement process streamline

For 15-plus years Rumsey has helped Industrials, OEM’s, and Contractors improve their storeroom operations.   Contact us today to discuss how Rumsey Electric can help you develop a program that’s right for you. To find out more about how Rumsey’s solution can improve your bottom line and inventory replenishment process call 610-832-9148.