Fiix Computerized Maintenance Management System


Plan, track and optimize maintenance
using a cloud-based CMMS software

Whether you’re looking to organize assets and manage work, or connect to business systems and make data-driven decisions, Fiix partners with you to give you the
tools to move from reactive to preventive maintenance and beyond.


  • Easily create, manage, categorize and assign work orders in a few simple clicks
  • Get unlimited guest access to submit requests with easy tracking that avoids duplicate requests
  • Attach SOPs, photos and suggested parts to work orders to reduce time for technicians
  • Complete tasks from anywhere through a mobile app, even while offline


  • Capture asset history and track parts inventory to get insight into equipment performance and reduce downtime of critical equipment
  • Better visualize where assets are organized in your facility and across multiple sites
  • Import existing assets from CSV or Excel to easily set up your Fiix CMMS


  • Configure personal or shared dashboards that provide real time KPI information
  • Gain instant access to key metrics such as scheduled compliance, MTTR, overdue work orders, low stock items, offline assets, and more
  • Choose from over 100 templated reports or build your own with the custom report builder
  • Get insights into which work orders are causing breakdowns, delays, and compliance issues so you can spend your time solving problems instead of looking for them


  • Built on a completely open cloud platform, Fiix’s Integration Hub offers endless easy ways to sync applications, data, and workflows
  • Streamline workflows by connecting to productivity tools like email or chat apps. Submit, prioritize, and complete work without miscommunication or wasted time
  • Share maintenance KPIs across departments to ensure everyone is using the same, accurate data when making OpEx and CapEx decisions



Check out this 4 minute video to learn more about how Fiix can help you plan, track, and optimize maintenance to decrease costs, skyrocket productivity, and improve asset performance.