PECO Terms and Conditions

PECO Instant Lighting Discount Program Details

When purchasing lighting products from Rumsey Electric and taking advantage of the PECO Instant Lighting Discount rebate program, the customer purchasing the approved products agrees to the terms as outlined below. In exchange for agreeing to these terms, the customer is provided an instant discount rebate at the time of purchase, as permitted by PECO, directly from Rumsey Electric.

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If at some time prior to the sale it is determined that the terms or conditions set forth by PECO were not met, PECO or Rumsey reserves the right to limit customer future access to the program and to debit any issued rebates that were not issued under the terms set forth below. In such an event, PECO/Rumsey will provide the details behind why said debit is being issued as appropriate.

  • You must be a Commercial PECO customer (or be a contractor purchasing for a project with a Commercial PECO customer) with an active account number or meter number
    • Some building types are NOT eligible. These include: New Construction, Residential, Multifamily, Assisted Living/Nursing Homes, Condominiums
  • No more than $5000 in PECO Instant Lighting Discounts can be applied to a single purchase transaction
  • Instant discounts are available on specific pre-approved products. If the product is not on the approved list at time of purchase, no PECO Instant Lighting Discounts will be issued
    • See your Rumsey sales person for a list of approved products
  • Information request by Rumsey on behalf of PECO mush be complete and accurate (e.g., Customer location, customer contacts, customer location, phone and email). Failure to provide inaccurate information to your Rumsey sales person may cause the rebate to be rejected either at time of sale or prior to the sale.
  • Product must be installed within 45 days; only purchase product that can install in that timeframe
    • Rebated items that are not installed in 45 days are subject to have their rebate refused prior to the sale
    • You can come back and purchase more later as long as program funds are available
  • Customer and contractor (if installed by a contractor on behalf of a customer) will receive emailed letters that the product installed has been discounted through PECO Instant Lighting Discounts program
  • The PECO QA/QC Process:
    • Customers may receive a phone call or have a site inspection to verify product purchased was installed
  • All distributor based invoices will reflect the discount received
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change.