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We understand that your time is valuable and changes to your schedule can happen on the fly. Don't let day-to-day demands keep you from training your team. Rumsey has several on-demand training options that provide flexibility, without sacrificing content. These cloud-based trainings allow you to train new hires as they come onboard, provide continued learning for existing staff and keep up to date with codes, certifications and software updates.

No matter the size of your team or the amount of training necessary, Rumsey has options to fit your needs.





Real-Time Safety Training is a cloud-based, self-paced, online training at your fingertips. It gives you access to a comprehensive safety catalog that covers general safety, equipment safety, personal protective equipment and safety management courses including NFPA 70E, OSHA, and more.

Real-Time Training



Choose individual courses for members of your team to complete in either 7 or 30 days. Courses range from 15 minutes to 8 hours of content with modulated training videos designed to engage today’s workforce and can be completed at your own pace.


Need to train a large team? Subscriptions provide your own custom platform with annual access to the full course catalog with admin rights. See team tracking and analytics to ensure employees  are up to date on their training as well as easy record keeping to maintain safety compliance.  Ask your Rumsey Rep for more info!


Real-Time Safety offers over 300 micro-learning courses across many safety topics. Below is just a sampling of topics covered. 


To adapt to the changing needs of today's workforce, Rockwell Automation has launched a new learning + platform linked to www.myrockwell.com. Access the same great courses as before, with modules that contain activities, software simulations, and demonstration videos to help reinforce learning concepts, now available from any tablet or PC. The content of these courses is very similar to the current in-person offering. The global library consists of 21 courses across 6 technologies, with more courses to follow throughout 2021 & 2022. Rockwell is offering virtual lectures, lab experience demonstrations, simulations and demonstration videos, with available office hours for small group coaching to enhance learning concepts. Each lesson has a knowledge assessment, requiring 80% to pass. Upon successful completion of the course, a learner will be awarded CEUs.*

​ If you prefer the hands-on option view Rumsey's upcoming in-person offering at https://www.rumsey.com/events/category/training/

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CCP146: Logix5000 System Fundamentals (P/M) (S,F,P,G) (V) - Build a solid foundation with fundamental knowledge of Logix5000 systems, concepts and terminology.

CCP151: Basic Ladder Logic Programming (P) (S,F,P,G) (V)- Use the Studio5000 Logix Designer application to perform basic software tasks to meet the requirements of a given functional specification and set up a sequencer to run equipment through a predefined procedure and a separate production procedure from equipment control.

CCP152: Function Block Programming (P) (V) - Learn how to perform parameter modifications to individual function block instructions, as well as create and develop function block diagram programs and routines.

FY21 Release:

CCP153: Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 2: ControlLogix Maintenance and Troubleshooting (M) (V)

CCP154: Structured Text and Sequential Chart (P) - Gain the skills and knowledge to program using the structured text and sequential function chart programming languages in Studio 5000 Logix Designer®.

CCCL21: Basic Ladder Logic Interpretation (M) (S, F, P, G) (V) - This skill-building course provides more detailed understanding of Studio 5000 Logix Designer ladder logic instructions and terminology.

CCP143: Ladder Logic Project Development (P) (S,F,P) (V)


CCA182: PowerFlex 750-Series Drives Configuration & Startup (P/M) (S,F,P,G) (V)

FY21 Release: 

CCA183: PowerFlex 750 Series Maintenance & Troubleshooting (M)

CCA184: PowerFlex® 750-Series Drives Configuration for an Integrated Architecture System (P/M) (S, F, P, G) 

CCA185:  PowerFlex 525 Startup & Configuration (P/M)

CMP100:  Connected Components Workbench Programming (P/M)


FY21 Release:  

CCPS41: SLC™ 500 and RSLogix 500® Programming 


EK-ICM101E: Vibration Analysis Fundamentals

FY21 Release: 

PRC201: PlantPAx System Design & Implementation

FY21 Release: 

PRC203: PlantPAx Operating & Maintenance


CCN132: Motion Control Fundamentals using Kinetix 5700 - Gain an understanding of the concepts, terminology, functionality and application of motion control necessary to maintain and program Rockwell Automation motion control systems. (P/M) (S, F, P, G)

CCN144-A: Kinetix 5700 CIP Motion Programming - Learn how to configure, test, tune, and program CIP Motion™ axes using the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application. (P) (S,F,P)


FY21 Release: 

TBD: Cybersecurity Fundamentals and Awareness (P/M) 


SAF-LOG104: GuardLogix Application Development & Troubleshooting (P/M) (V)

FY21 Release:

SAF-TUV1: Functional Safety for Machinery Introduction


CCV204-A: FactoryTalk View ME and PanelView Plus Programming (P) - Learn how to produce an operational application that will run on a PanelView Plus 7 terminal using a computer with FactoryTalk View ME software and a PanelView Plus 7 terminal. (P)(S,F,P) (V)

CCV207: FactoryTalk View SE Programming (P) - Learn how to organize and develop FactoryTalk View Site Edition applications and practices the skills used to create an application and build graphic displays. (P) (S,P) (V)


FY21 Release:

FTAC: FactoryTalk Asset Centre Design and Implementation V10 (P)


CCP183: EtherNet/IP Configuration and Troubleshooting (P/M) - Learn how to configure and troubleshoot an EtherNet/IP network to include setting EthernNet/IP network addresses, configuring a managed switch to meet network requirements and monitoring managed switch performance. (P/M) (S, F, P, G) (V)

INA201: Industrial Network Architecture: Foundation - Starting from the ground up, IT and OT professionals will learn how to design a logical and physical network infrastructure for their operation. (P)

INA202: Industrial Network Architecture: Intermediate - Learn how to collaboratively architect a machine or process skid network. Learn how to set up wireless architectures, the value of resiliency protocols, and how to secure a cell/area zone. (P)

INA203: Industrial Network Architecture: Advanced Part - This course will help you operate as a credible domain expert in a multi-function team under the leadership of their counterpart. (P)

INA204: Industrial Network Architecture: Advanced Part 2 - Learn how Virtualization and Industrial Data Centers can help you deploy a robust network infrastructure. (P)