July 30, 2021

Running Rockwell Automation Software on a Virtual Machine

By installing and running your Rockwell Automation software in a virtual machine you as an engineer can freely use any software package you need without the need for administrative privileges.
April 8, 2020

Leveraging Virtualization and Thin Clients at the Industrial Edge 4/8 WEBINAR

For over 15 years Rockwell has supported, and promoted, the benefits of server virtualization. Today, the benefits of virtualization are well accepted by large industrial facilities but use at the network edge continues to lag.
September 17, 2019

The Future of Virtualization Part 2: How To Painlessly Make The Transition

In Part 1 of this webinar series you learned what you need to do now to adapt to the future of virtualization.  As you transition to a virtualized […]
September 10, 2019

The Future of Virtualization Part 1: What You Need To Do Now

New challenges and technologies such as virtualization are disrupting networks everywhere, with many businesses struggling to remain agile.  Virtual environments are no longer something to consider […]
September 30, 2017

VMware & Virtualization – Part 2

I previously wrote about the use of VMware on a desktop/workstation environment – a scenario commonly known as a ‘Type 2’ or ‘Hosted’ hypervisor. This is a […]
August 16, 2017

VMware & Virtualization – Part 1

As a former IT Professional now in the Automation/OT world, I have been using some form of VMware since about 2007 – be it VMware Workstation […]